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The Peace Program became a new component in 2012; with the aim of empowering grassroots actors through mediation skills, engagement in dialogue processes and strengthening communities’ abilities to identify nonviolent approaches to tensions and violent conflict, therewith working both on preventative as well as post-conflict measures.

Long Term Goal

A peaceful society that is upholding values of cohesion and integration

Peace Program Mombasa & Kilifi

In Mombasa and Kilifi County, the Peace Program focusses on close partnership with and therewith strengthening of local actors. Platforms for dialogue are created, linkages between communities and respective office supported, and community members engaged in capacity building activities which sensitize towards transformation of conflicts in a nonviolent way.

In conjunction with the Land Rights Program, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanisms have been identified as key component. Land and peaceful coexistence are closely interlinked; conflicts over land bear enormous risks of triggering violent responses. ADR offers an opportunity to work with communities not only on the effects but on the causes of conflict. The program continues to put effort into grassroots community engagement, in order to build upon existing conflict transformation mechanisms.

Peace Program Kwale

In Kwale, the Peace Program closely works with the Gender and Children’s Program as well as with the Social Funds Program. Gender based violence and Child Protection concerns are the main focus of the intervention. Empowering GBV Network structures and engagement in local schools through Child Rights Clubs is an effort towards empowerment of local communities and discussions around protection of human rights. Since 2014, our second office in Lungalunga constituency, Kwale County ensures us continuous community engagement and ability to provide needs-based service.