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Human Rights

– Advocacy, Litigation & Consultation

Both the Mombasa and Lungalunga offices are open to clients who seek consultation and support for their concerns.

icon-rights-color As legal fees continue to soar, communities are left at crossroads when faced with matters that can best be resolved at the Courts of Law. Our advocate therefore provides free legal consultations while engaging in communication between parties and supporting structuring of court documents.

Legal aid clinics are organized in order to ensure outreach of the services to remote areas as well. Court cases are accompanied, community members assisted through explanation of procedures and decision, and encouraged through continuous support.

Our program officers are also trained in Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) mechanisms hence provide support to conflicting parties through facilitation of mediation processes. This offers an alternative to the tedious and expensive court battles.

We believe in affordable and accessible justice as we continue to advocate for fair and transparent procedures and quality control within the judicial system-as members of the Court Users Committee (CUC).