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Owinouhuru settlement being a community land, there is need for enumeration in order to have data and then documented to help the county government be able to deliver important services like water, health services, and security lights.

In light of the above, Haki yetu Pamoja Trust and the county government decided to work together to ensure that they achieve the goal. on Wednesday 30th of many 2018 a public forum was held at Owino uhuru where we had the county government department of planning ,Haki yetu, Pamoja trust, ward admin, a representative from the office of the MCA, the village elders, the land committee Owinouhuru, the development committee Owinouhuru, the village elders and community members at large.

The meeting started with the Land committee chairman giving a report on the progress of the land matter especially after the land case. He reported that immense progress has been made in line with the land matter, the planning had been done and the title deed for the area was available though it’s a block title. He also talked about the 5k contribution that each structure owner was suppose to give in order to aid in the process of planning and court case and urged all who had not given to give because there is still a long way to go. The map of the settlement was made available to the public to view where the boundaries were and there were some concerns that some houses were left out, to solve this issue it was a task of the land committee to look at the possible solution to this issue. Some houses were also affected and they would be demolished especially to give way for a road for the area and the land committee was to look for an alternative land where they would allocate those affected.

According to the county government, plot block 5 is not in Owinouhuru and would not be considered in planning. The county would ensure that each a main road and feeder road be constructed in the area according to the planning done. The minimum standard of a road is usually 6m as report by the county.

The county emphasized on the enumeration because they require the report which will be taken for approval to Nairobi director of planning and after approval survey would start. The budget for advertising the plan in the Kenyan gazette is Ksh.250k. survey would be done thereafter allotment letters be issued and finally titles will be given. According to the county officials, plot no 694 is not part of Owinouhuru and has blocked the entry to the area so it was an issue to be looked at keenly and a possible solution be found on the same.

There were a lot of concerns from the community and a lot of politics especially with the led case in court but we were very categorical that we not talking any issue but our focus is on enumeration. We proceeded and asked the community to give us 24 enumerators and 6 who would help in marking. We got the 30 youths and set a date for training and enumeration exercise.

For about two weeks the enumeration process stopped after some residents threatened the enumerators and one Haki yetu staff that they will kill them because the process is illegal and there were allegations that Haki yetu and Pamoja trust were planning to sell Owinouhuru settlement which was mare rumors. This was due to the incitements coming from Phyllis who went to court to sue the county over the lead poisoning in the area. Some village elders were also being threatened over the same.

We decided to find a way to deal with the matter and the first step was to delete the lead question from the questionnaire so that everyone in the community can be comfortable with the process. Secondly we had to visit the OCS to share our report on the enumeration. We went ahead to organize a meeting with the DCC Mikindani Mr.Kinyanjui to share the report.

On 6th July we had a meeting at the DCC office to deliberate on the Owinouhuru matter. Some of the people who attended the meeting were the DCC, ACC, Haki yetu represented by John Paul and Kazungu, Pamoja Trust represented by Ketta, village elders Owinohuru, and land committee Owinohuru.

The main agendas of this meeting was to help solve the disputes that have been at Owinouhuru for sometimes now and also clear the air on the enumeration process over the allegations so that the process can continue.

From the conversations there was complains about a piece of land that was set aside for building a dispensary another person had been allocated the same land to build a business stall. It was evident that the hair to that land was not consulted before deciding to set aside the same piece of land to used for dispensary. The land had a house initially and mzee Kenga was the owner who died but left a daughter namely sidi. The land committee was complaining that according to the county government no new building should be built in the area until the planning process was over but he was challenged that every day new buildings were being constructed in the area. It was agreed that the construction of the stall proceed because it was not going to interfere with the process.

On the enumeration it was agreed that a public baraza was important to clear the air so that the process can continue as earlier planned. All the community members who had questions were urged to come to the public baraza so that they can be able to ask their questions and they would be addressed.

On Tuesday 10th July 2018 we had the public baraza as planned. In that meeting we had the DCC, the AP commander the area chief, assistant chief, chief Miritini , village elders from Jomvu sub county, Nyumba kumi and mabalozi. CSO present were Haki yetu and Pamoja trust.

There were lots of concerns on the transparency of the land committee whereby they were accussed of having night meetings; accountability when it comes to financial matters, some residents complained that they had never seen the map and the title deed. It was good that the settlement map was pinned on the wall for everyone to see and view so that incase of any complains they may be noted and channeled to the county government department of planning.

The DCC addressed the issues well and instructed the land committee chairperson Mr.Osir to do what is right and be accountable in everything they do, he urged them to call for meetings if possible every month so that they can be able to share their progress and challenges with the community members and find solutions to the rising issues.

The AP commander Mr.Njenga largely talked about security matters and gave a stun warning to the community members who have a tendency of intimidating others and threatening with knives and pangas and promised to deal with them appropriately.

It was finally agreed that the enumeration process proceed and we agreed the process to continue from Friday 13th July 2018 for three days.

The enumeration process began as planned on Friday 13th to Wednesday. Out of 900 questionnaires, the enumerators were able to fill 605 questionnaires correctly, 25 questionnaires were spoilt that means there were some who repeated the households and some who indicated non-existent household, 270 questionnaires were unfilled. According to the numbers given to each household, Owinouhuru has 1355 households of which section A has 534 households and B has 821 households.

We experienced some challenges during the enumeration, some of them being most houses are under construction and most rooms are vacant. Most people were also not willing to give information as it took a lot of their time and did not see any sense in it. Other houses are under repair and some demolished. Another one being most people were not around some were at work during the whole process like the long distance truck drivers and some had travelled to their up-country, some people still had some issues with the process even after having the public baraza and it was clear that these people don’t attend meetings and public baraza in the area. Some of the enumerators really complained about the work being tiresome and some went ahead to the extent of filling the questionnaires without getting the right information from the respondents, this resulted to those questionnaires being spoilt as some had repeated household numbers and others had non-existent household numbers.

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