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Mikindani estate is found within Jomvu constituency which is mainly a suburban area of Mombasa County. The estate is surrounded by the Indian ocean and is believed to have earned its name formerly from mikinda, meaning small minazi (young coconut palms) which are believed to have been growing in the area.

The estate has subdivision areas/villages in it namely:

  • Kwa Mwanzia
  • Amani
  • Kwa Ngombe
  • Ganahola
  • Kwashee
  • Staff
  • Kijiweni
  • Aldina.

The area has experienced a growth in population due to the industrialization within the mainland. In the estate, transport and communication, businesses, and vast growth in infrastructure is present compared to the way it was in the early 90’s.

Education has vast grown with currently present with several nursery and pre- schools, three government primary schools in the area Amani, Mikindani and Kwashee several private owned schools, one secondary school i.e., Kajembe High School and two technical training centers: Islamic Teachers Training College and the Mikindani Youth Polytechnic.

Being a cosmopolitan estate, there lives people of different language backgrounds presently. This has seen growth in religion amongst the many faithful who dwell in the estate. There are utmost six mosques. churches. Boasting of a vast population due to sub-urban growth, the estate has several children’s home like the Baobab Family Children’s Home and Grandsons of Abraham Rescue Centre.

The land in question is at Mikindani location Jomvu constituency near Iyale academy who have been using it for recreational activities. It traces its origin from building of Star of Hope School and Iyale Academy respectively.

The land was in existence and no one had applied for a mosque to be built on the piece of land. The land measures 1.93 acres. It borders several plots numbered 1614,1615,1616,1617,1618,1820,1821 and 1825

On 8th may 1992 the director of housing development department wrote a letter to the director of the gospel disciple society granting them permission to use the same plot. It was agreed under minutes number 25/88 on a meeting held on 23rd November 1988.

On 31st August 2000 Living word education centre wrote a letter to the DC Mombasa district seeking his intervention in reserving the play ground that is used for sports purposes by youths from Bangladesh, ganahola, Owinouhuru, ngamani and Allidina villages.

On 5th September 2000 Iyale academy wrote a letter to the DC Changamwe complaining  about the plot number GK 2/1558 Mikindani which was meant for public use being subdivided and allotted to private developers.

On 17th October 2003 a meeting was held to deliberate on the encroachment of the open space meant for public use and the Muslim association wanted to construct a mosque on the other hand the residents felt that there was no need for another mosque because there are enough mosques in the neighborhood.

On 25th April 1997 the high court ruled that the commissioner of land and other government departments have no authority to allot land that is reserved for specific public purpose. Judge Bogholi Msagha said that in such instances the government was a trustee of the public. Kindly refer to daily nation magazine of 25th April 1997.

The allotment letter issued by the county government that is FORM A5 did not state the date when this letter was issues and also the size of the plot was not indicated therefore there must be something fishy in it. On 23rd March 2018, a meeting was held at the county assembly by the land committee in the county headed by Abrar Mohamed. In the meeting in attendance were 3 youths from Mikindani, 2 committee members from the Muslim association, MCA Mikindani ward Hon Renson Thoya, and other 3 county land committee. The agenda was to solve the dispute concerning the Iyale ground. The Muslim association claim ownership of the land while the residents are protesting that the ground is a community property and therefore no private development should be allowed in the playing ground because it serves many children in the neighborhood and around 6 schools use the ground as their playing ground.. It was agreed that the county officers will be sent on the ground to survey the area and then another meeting be called to give their findings and verdict.

On 9th may 2018 the Muslim Association started the construction of the mosque while the residents protested over the same; this led to chaos and fights of which some youths were injured. The Muslim Association had hired goons to deal with anyone trying to stop the construction of the mosque.

Our efforts to seek information on the ground and how the Muslim Association acquired the parcel of land have bore no fruit after engagement with various government institutions and department. It has come to our notice that the construction is ongoing despite the community working very hard to stop the construction.

On 9th May 2018 the Mikindani Muslim Association started the construction of the mosque but the community around protested over the same and chaos erupted where people had to fight, it was evident that some goons were hired to deal with anyone opposing the construction of the mosque. The goons had machetes, pangas, knives and rungus. Some of the youths in the area were injured and they had to seek medical attention. It was alleged that the area MP was behind it but there was no evidence to prove that.

The county government through NEMA cancelled its permit citing lack of public participation in the process of the plot allotment. No development should be on the field. The county government sent its surveyors on the ground to gather information and there was a general feeling that the ground should remain a community property.

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